“Under the Sea: the making of “Finding Dory”” by Pilcher, Talbot, Brown, Ellsworth, Burrows, et al. …

  • ©Steve Pilcher, Jeremie Talbot, Jim Brown, Masha Ellsworth, Chris Burrows, Christopher (Chris) Chapman, Ian Megibben, and John Halstead




    Under the Sea: the making of "Finding Dory"


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    Pixar Animation Studios


    Find the answers to how Pixar artists created the studio’s latest feature film, “Finding Dory.” Top animators and technical artists from the film crew provide a deep dive into the process of creating the summer hit which required the adoption of an entirely new back-end pipeline and cutting-edge technology. From character design and animation, to lighting, to CG water like you’ve never seen before and, perhaps most crucially, from RenderMan REYES to RIS, come find out how “Finding Dory” revolutionized Pixar Animation Studios from sea-level up.

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