“The Mathematics of Computer Graphics” by Barr, Barsky, Blinn, Duff, Guibas, et al. …

  • ©Alan H. Barr, Brian A. Barsky, James (Jim) F. Blinn, Tom Duff, Leonidas (Leo) J. Guibas, James (Jim) T. Kajiya, and Benoit B. Mandelbrot



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    The Mathematics of Computer Graphics

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    Who should attend?

    This course is for people who are interested in doing research in computer graphics.

    Recommended background

    Freshman calculus is suggested.

    Course description

    The purpose of the first day is to review those aspects of mathematics that should be in the toolkit of every professional in computer graphics. Homogeneous coordinates, computational geometry, numerical analysis, sampling and Fourier theory will be covered. The second day will cover advanced topics of current interest—ideas which can be in the future toolkit of the computer graphics researcher. Discussion areas will be beta splines, deformations of solid primitives, differential and algebraic geometry, fractal mathematics, Newtonian dynamics and animation.

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