““The Incredibles 2”: Suit Up, It Might Get Weird!” by Abousaeedi, Albright, Bonifacio, Burrows, Cameron, et al. …

  • ©Mahyar Abousaeedi, Beth Albright, Evan Bonifacio, Chris Burrows, Gordon Cameron, Ralph Eggleston, Nathan Fariss, Fran Kalal, Paul Kanyuk, Ted Mathot, Philip Metschan, Tom Nettleship, Bret Parker, Darwyn Peachey, Reid Sandros, Rick E. Sayre, Stephen Schaffer, Erik Smitt, Esdras Varagnolo, Bill Watral, and Bill Wise


    In a conversation that will not only span multiple disciplines, but also multiple years of technological advancement at Pixar, the team behind “Incredibles 2” – many of whom also worked on the first film – will compare and contrast the filmmaking process then and now. With a sequel, there’s always the challenge of making a film true to the original, yet different in every detail. In building the world of “Incredibles 2” the team tackled one of the most technically daunting films in Pixar’s canon, all while needing it to hue to the familiar tone established by the first film. Hear from this super group as they examine how they used the past to inform the present and, incredibly, achieved the near-impossible.


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