““The Peanuts Movie”: From Comic Strip to Feature Film” by Dunnigan, Carroll, Bruno and Cavaleri

  • ©Nash Dunnigan, Scott Carroll, Nick Bruno, and Rob Cavaleri




    “The Peanuts Movie”: From Comic Strip to Feature Film


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    Blue Sky Studios


    Bringing the iconic characters of Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip “Peanuts” to life in CG was an exciting and unprecedented opportunity for the creative and technical teams at Blue Sky Studios. To begin the development process, a small group of artists including art director Nash Dunningan, animation supervisors Nick Bruno and Scott Carrol, and CG supervisor Rob Cavaleri, along with director Steve Martino and a few others decided on two key elements that would affect the outcome of the film’s aesthetic: the design and animation style. These style choices presented new artistic and technical challenges for the studio’s production pipeline.
    This panel shares insights into those early conversations, decisions, and solutions, and explains how the Blue Sky team brought the classic pen lines of Charles Schulz to the big screen.

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