“Testing Self Driving Cars with Game Development Tools” by Kaviratna

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    Testing Self Driving Cars with Game Development Tools



    The Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) aims to bring safe, reliable self-driving transportation to everyone, everywhere; In order to facilitate this mission, a suite of simulation technologies for exercising the self driving vehicle (SDV) needs to be created. These simulations must be scale-able, believable, and human interpretable in order to provide consistent value.

    Here we will cover how ATG leveraged a game engine to meet these demands. Topics covered include: evaluating self driving performance, authoring self driving tests, simulating robot-realistic worlds, and critical lessons learned while building these tools.


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    Thanks to everyone involved in the ATG Simulation effort, both within the simulation org and without. This has been and will continue to be a large multi-team initiative.

    Special thanks to Samuel Gundry, Allison Liemhetcharat, Jessica Smith, Peter Melick, and Michael Knight.

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