“Stylizing Metals and More with the Glint Filter” by Offertaler, Camacho-Torres and Zeichner

  • ©Eszter Offertaler, Angel Camacho-Torres, and Nathan Zeichner



Entry Number: 48


    Stylizing Metals and More with the Glint Filter



    We present a novel and artist-controllable system for stylizing metallic surfaces. This technique filters a beauty render with a Cryptomatte-encoded identifiers pass to generate a new stylized image. The ids pass drives an image-space color flood fill algorithm that uniformly colors regions to create a faceted metal appearance.  The ids are generated using a variety of methods that target different aspects of the reflective surfaces. Tools that further modulate the facet ids give artists control over the effect in both render and compositing. The result is a smooth and temporally coherent effect that complements other non-photorealistic imagery. We can expand and generalize this technique to apply to non-faceted metallic surfaces.



    We would like to acknowledge and thank those from Blue Sky Studios who provided insight, help, and testing for the Glint Filter.


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