“Streamlining IBL workflows with computer vision and USD” by Cieri and Schwank

  • ©Stefano Cieri and Alexander Schwank

  • ©Stefano Cieri and Alexander Schwank

  • ©Stefano Cieri and Alexander Schwank



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    Streamlining IBL workflows with computer vision and USD



    DNEG is constantly improving its global tools and processes to make them more efficient and artist-friendly, while leveraging state of-the-art technologies and trends in the industry. The special re quirements for Sony Pictures’ Venom movie were the perfect oppor tunity for us to improve our Image Based Lighting (IBL) workflows. In this paper we present the iblManager: a semi-automated sys tem to allow fast and artist-friendly extraction of numerous lights from HDR images (HDRIs), using computer vision. The system uses LightCache, a USD-based implementation of light descriptions, to allow cross-DCC usage and pipeline integration.


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    We thank Bernardo Spadafora for his key contribution to the tool development; Ignacio Thomas, Sachin Narendra for their precious input. A big thank you goes to Matthew Smith, Bernhard Ker schbaumer, Mark Pascoe and to our colleagues, especially Keanan Cantrell, Alison Wortman, Peter Seager, Tom Bracht.


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