“Strands and Hair: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering” by Cani, Bertails, Lin, Ward, Marschner, et al. …

  • ©Marie-Paule Cani, Florence Bertails-Descoubes, Kelly Ward, Steve Marschner, Tae-Yong Kim, and Zoran Kačić-Alesić



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    Strands and Hair: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering

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    Familiarity with fundamentals of computer graphics, physical simulation, and physically based rendering is strongly recommended but not mandatory. Also recommended: understanding of numerical linear algebra, differential equations, numerical methods, rigid-body dynamics, collision detection and response, physics-based illumination models, and fluid dynamics.

    Intended Audience
    Special effects developers, technical directors, game developers, researchers, and anyone interested in physically based modeling for computer graphics.

    Over the past six years, there has been a Renaissance in hair modeling, rendering, and animation. This course covers the gamut of hair simulation problems and presents working solutions. Topics include recent and novel research ideas, and time-tested industrial practices that created spectacular imagery.


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