“Spinnability simulation of viscoelastic fluid” by Mukai, Kosugi, Ito and Nakagawa

  • ©Nobuhiko Mukai, Makoto Kosugi, Kentaro Ito, and Masashi Nakagawa



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    Spinnability simulation of viscoelastic fluid



    One of the most challenging issues of computer graphics is to represent the behavior of fluid. Visualizing the fluid behavior requires to solve Navier-Stokes equations, which take huge amount of time so that some researches use many super computers for the simulation, and others utilize the GPU performance. The common fluid is Newtonian that can be described by a single constant value of viscosity, and there are many researches related to Newtonian. On the other hand, there is another type of fluid called non-Newtonian that cannot be described easily, and one of non-Newtonians is viscoelactic fluid. Viscoelastic fluid has the characteristics of both viscosity of fluid and elasticity of solid, and it is difficult to represent the behavior of viscoelastic fluid. [Goktekin et al. 2004] represented the behavior of viscoelastic fluid. His technique is based on Eulerian methods and added elastic terms to Navier-stokes equations, which govern fluid behavior. [Clavet et al. 2005] used particle method for representing fluid behavior. Particle method can represent fine behavior of the fluid such as rain drops, fountains, clay manipulation. Their researches could visualize many types of behavior of viscoelastic fluid, however, they cannot represent the spinnability, which has three characteristics: 1) it stretches very thin as if it is a string, 2) the radius is getting smaller gradually from the both ends and the center part has the least radius, and 3) it shrinks rapidly as if it is a rubber.


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