“SketchBook: silhouette based 3D sketching interface” by Lee

  • ©Jeehyung Lee

  • ©Jeehyung Lee




    SketchBook: silhouette based 3D sketching interface



    SketchBook is a simple and quick sketchbook-like 3D modeling interface with which designers can modify a 3D object by drawing a new silhouette line over the object’s silhouette. SketchBook provides two methods of modification that can be done in any viewpoint. (1) Silhouette Modification: The first method is to sketch a new silhouette line over the object’s silhouette (The idea of drawing a new silhouette as an input for modification is analogous to that of Silhouette sketching in Nealen et al. [2005]). Once a designer draws the new silhouette line, SketchBook automatically determines which segment of the object’s silhouette should be modified by the new silhouette line and deforms the object according to the change in the silhouette. The overall process creates a smooth extrusion/inlet adhering to the new silhouette line on the object where the breadth of the extrusion/inlet can be adjusted by the designer.

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