“Simulation and rendering for bubbles in liquid” by Matsumura, Honda and Ohno

  • ©Tomoya Matsumura, Sotaro Honda, and Yoshio Ohno

  • ©Tomoya Matsumura, Sotaro Honda, and Yoshio Ohno




    Simulation and rendering for bubbles in liquid



     There have been a lot of researches on the simulation and render- ing of liquid, and CG images of liquid became very realistic. But  research on the bubbles in liquid is rather rare; especially research on the state change of bubbles in a glass scale. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to express the bubbles in a glass of liquid as  CG images. We assume such carbonated drinks as beer and cham- pagne. Our algorithm produces CG animation of the generation and  the rise of bubbles in the liquid, the accumulation of bubbles on the surface of the liquid and their collapse.  


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