“RenderMan, Theory and Practice” by Batali, Bashforth, Bernardi, Christensen, Jordan, et al. …

  • ©Dana Batali, Byron Bashforth, Chris Bernardi, Per H. Christensen, Thomas Jordan, David Laur, Guido Quaroni, Erin Tomson, and Wayne Wooten


Entry Number: 09


    RenderMan, Theory and Practice

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    A thorough understanding of 3D rendering and programmable shading. Previous experience with RenderMan and the RenderMan Shading Language is recommended.

    RenderMan enhancements, including ray tracing, occlusion, and global illumination. Practical solutions (with examples) to complex rendering problems, including: skin rendering and subsurface scattering, translucent objects, reflections and refractions, integrating RenderMan into a production pipeline, details on rendering “Finding Nemo,” and details on rendering Dobby in “Harry Potter.”

    RenderMan developers present many of the new RenderMan features and explore potential applications in CGI production. Practitioners present the latest tricks and techniques used at production studios to create stunning special effects and feature-length films.


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