“Real-time wavelength-dependent rendering pipeline” by Lindsay and Agu

  • ©Clifford Lindsay and Emmanuel Agu

  • ©Clifford Lindsay and Emmanuel Agu




    Real-time wavelength-dependent rendering pipeline



    Iridescent colors such as diffraction, thin film interference, dispersive refraction and scattering are produced by wavelength dependent Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Functions (BRDFs). Due to expensive per-wavelength sampling required, rendering wavelength-dependent BRDFs have historically been restricted to offline rendering techniques or real-time techniques that use color ramps and simplified BRDFs. We present a generalized real-time pipeline for physically accurate wavelength dependent phenomena that is independent of sampling cost, uses a wavelength-based color, and supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). Our pipeline converts the lighting environment and BRDF to per-wavelength Spherical Harmonics (SH) coefficients, rotates and uploads them to the rendering framework, then interactively renders the lighting integral with traditional scene geometry.


    1. Lindsay, C., and Agu, E., 2005. Wavelength dependent rendering using spherical harmonics, in Proc. Eurographics, July.

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