“Real-time skin rendering on graphics hardware”

  • ©Pedro V. Sander, David Gosselin, and Jason L. Mitchell

  • ©Pedro V. Sander, David Gosselin, and Jason L. Mitchell




    Real-time skin rendering on graphics hardware



    We present a real-time algorithm for skin rendering which was used in the real-time animation Ruby: The DoubleCross, appearing in this year’s SIGGRAPH animation festival. Our approach approximates the appearance of subsurface scattering by blur- ring the diffuse illumination in texture space using graphics hardware. This approach, based on the offline skin rendering technique proposed by Borshukov and Lewis, gives a realistic look and is both efficient and easy to implement. We describe algorithms to efficiently implement this technique in real-time using graphics hardware, as well as several enhancements to improve quality.


    Borshukov G. and Lewis, J. P. 2003. Realistic Human Face Rendering for “The Matrix Reloaded”. Sketches, SIGGRAPH 2003.


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