“Real-time image-based control of skin melanin texture”

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    Real-time image-based control of skin melanin texture


    In the reproduction of human images in posters, TV commercials, movies and other media, the skin melanin texture of the photograph is often controlled manually by an experienced operator in a time consuming process. As such, a tool able to assist in controlling the texture would be useful in the fields of computer graphics and imaging to accelerate the reproduction processes.
    In this paper, we present a novel process to control the skin melanin texture over a continuous range. The process is implemented on graphics hardware and can achieve real-time processing for a live- video stream. A component map of melanin texture is utilized, which was extracted from a skin color image by our previous method [Tsumura et al. 2003]. A feature vector is calculated from the extracted melanin texture and shifted in a feature space to control the melanin texture over a continuous range. The feature space is constructed based on the texture database to extract physiologically plausible changes in the melanin texture.


    Tsumura, N., Ojima, N., Sato, K., Shiraishi, M., Shimizu, H., Nabeshima, H., Akazaki, S., Hori, K., and Miyake, Y. 2003. Image-based skin color and texture analysis/synthesis by extracting hemoglobin and melanin information in the skin. In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2003, ACM, 770–779.]]

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