“Pseudo expansion of field-of-view for immersive projection displays” by Honda, Hashimoto and Sato

  • ©Kenji Honda, Naoki Hashimoto, and Makoto Sato




    Pseudo expansion of field-of-view for immersive projection displays



    We developed a pseudo expansion of field-of-view of image contents for immersive projection displays like a CAVE or tileddisplay. Despite the wide spread of the large and immersive displays, lack of their applications is a serious problem. Our approach can reconstruct invisible peripheral images from past image frames by using an adaptive depth model. This approach can achieve both real-time processing and reduction of perceptible distortion and discontinuity in the expanded images. It also contributes to using our accessible image contents, like interactive video games, for the immersive displays, and enhancing enjoyment of them.


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