“Processing.js: sketching with” by Salga, Hodgin, Sobiepanek, Downe, Medel, et al. …

  • ©Andor Salga, Daniel Hodgin, Anna Sobiepanek, Scott Downe, Mickael Medel, and Catherine Leung




    Processing.js: sketching with



    The Processing language [Casey Reas 2007], first introduced by Ben Fry and Casey Reas in 2001, is a simple, elegant language for data visualization that is already being used by artists, educators and commercial media groups to produce rich graphical content called sketches. Because Processing is implemented in Java, delivering Processing sketches via a web page requires the user to install a Java plug-in. Processing.js, in comparison, is an open source, cross browser JavaScript port of the Processing language; it translate Processing sketches into JavaScript using the element for rendering. No additional plug-ins are required to view a Processing sketch delivered with Processing.js. Furthermore, Processing.js is much more than just a Processing parser written in JavaScript: it enables the embedding of other web technologies into Processing sketches and vice versa. Processing.js seamlessly integrates web technologies with the Processing language to provide an excellent framework for rich multimedia web applications.


    1. Casey Reas, Ben Fry, J. M. 2007. Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists. MIT Press.

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