“Practical Real-Time Hair Rendering and Shading”

  • ©Thorsten Scheuermann

  • ©Thorsten Scheuermann




    Practical Real-Time Hair Rendering and Shading



    We present a real-time algorithm for hair rendering using a polygon model, which was used in the real-time animation Ruby: The Double Cross, appearing in this year’s SIGGRAPH animation festival. The hair shading model is based on the Kajiya-Kay model, and adds a real-time approximation of realistic specular highlights as observed by Marschner et al. We also describe a simple technique to render the semi-transparent hair model in approximate back-to-front order. Instead of executing a spatial sorting step on the CPU at run-time, we render the opaque and transparent hair regions in separate passes to resolve visibility.


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    Marschner, S. R., Jensen, H. W., Cammarano, M., Worley, S. and Hanrahan, P. 2003. Light Scattering from Human Hair Fibers. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22, 3, 780–791.


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