“Pixelating vector line art” by Inglis and Kaplan

  • ©Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan




    Pixelating vector line art



    Pixel art is a style of digital art in which images are edited on the pixel level. This art form emerged in the 1980s in many computer and video games as a way to make the best use of devices with limited graphics capabilities. As digital displays improve in resolution and colour range, digital art is no longer bound by these restrictions. However, pixel art remains popular, particularly in the gaming community, due to its retro charm.


    1. Inglis, T. C., and Kaplan, C. S. 2012. Pixelating vector line art. In Proceedings of the international symposium on Non-photorealistic animation and rendering, to appear, NPAR ’12.

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©Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan ©Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan ©Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan

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