“Physically Based Modeling” by Witkin, Baraff and Kass

  • ©Andrew P. Witkin, David Baraff, and Michael Kass



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    Physically Based Modeling

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    A good working familiarity with mainstream computer graphics modeling and animation. In addition to the usual graphics math skills (familiarity with matrix and vector manipulations, and the like), a basic calculus course.

    Modeling the dynamics of particle systems and rigid bodies. Basic numerical methods for differential equations, including implicit methods. Simulation of deformable surfaces. Collision and contact between objects.

    For researchers and implementers who hope to develop a solid understanding of physical methods as applied to animation and modeling, and particularly for attendees who want to implement physically based modeling techniques, and/or to read and critically appraise technical papers in the area. Bolstered by the extensive course notes, at the end of the course, students with good basic implementation skills should be able to implement the technique, not by rote but confidently and with understanding.


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