“Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques” by Shreiner, Commike, Grantham and Kuehne

  • ©Dave Shreiner, Alan Y. Commike, Brad Grantham, and Bob Kuehne


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    Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques

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    Attendees should be comfortable programming with the OpenGL programming interface, and they should understand the methods for rendering geometry and images with OpenGL and controlling rendering by manipulating OpenGL’s state.

    OpenGL’s rendering and state models. Determination of application performance bottlenecks. Considerations for formatting data for maximum OpenGL performance. Analysis of the performance of various OpenGL pipelines stages.

    Performance OpenGL is designed to provide OpenGL programmers with platform-independent techniques to improve the correctness and performance of their OpenGL applications. This course provides an in-depth analysis of the OpenGL geometry and rasterization pipelines, as well as tools and other hints for improving OpenGL’s performance.

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