“Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques” by Commike and True

  • ©Alan Commike and Thomas (Tom) True



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    Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques

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    The course assumes that attendees are comfortable programming with the OpenGL programming interface, understand the methods for rendering geometry and images with OpenGL, and know how to control rendering by manipulating OpenGL’s state.

    Intended Audience
    This course is designed for novice to intermediate OpenGL programmers or those seeking insights into how to make interactive graphics applications perform better. You are beyond the level of the course if you have evaluated and tuned graphics programs and systems and are aware of the options and tradeoffs available in OpenGL.

    OpenGL performance analysis, tips, and techniques to help programmers write better OpenGL programs regardless of their development platform. Topics include: the causes of and solutions to performance problems in OpenGL programs, techniques for organizing data, and how advanced OpenGL features can make OpenGL programs run faster.


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