“Perceptually Motivated Graphics, Visualization, and 3D Displays” by McNamara, Mania, Banks and Healey

  • ©Martin (Marty) S. Banks and Christopher G. Healey



Entry Number: 02


    Perceptually Motivated Graphics, Visualization, and 3D Displays



    This course presents timely, relevant examples on how researchers have leveraged perceptual information for optimization of rendering algorithms, to better guide design and presentation in (3D stereoscopic) display media, and for improved  visualization of complex or large data sets. Each presentation will provide ref- erences and short overviews of cutting-edge current research pertaining to that  area. We will ensure that the most up-to-date research examples are presented by sourcing information from recent perception and graphics conferences and journals such as ACM Transactions on Perception, paying particular attention work presented at the 2010 Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization.  

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