“Perceptually Based Visualization Design” by Taylor, Interrante and Ware

  • ©Russell (Russ) M. Taylor, Victoria L. Interrante, and Colin Ware


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    Perceptually Based Visualization Design

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    No formal prerequisites. Basic experience with computer graphics is helpful, but not necessary.

    Basics of human visual perception applied to visualization. Scalar-field visualization techniques available in 2D and 3D and their applicability to different data types and questions. Vector-field visualization techniques in 2D and 3D and their applicability. Multi-variate visualization techniques and their applicability. Advanced and combined visualization techniques.

    The basis for effective scientific visualization in perceptual psychology, available visualization techniques (2D, 3D, scalar, vector), technique characteristics in terms of perception, and suitability for particular visualization goals. This course does not focus on implementation techniques (available toolkits provide this), but rather on when techniques are effective, especially in combination.

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