“Parallel Graphics and Visualization Technology” by Ma, Grossman, Crow and Stoll

  • ©Kwan-Liu Ma, Mark S. Grossman, Franklin (Frank) C. Crow, and Gordon Stoll



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    Parallel Graphics and Visualization Technology

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    A basic understanding of computer graphics and computer systems, and a strong interest in graphics hardware architectures, graphics software systems, and parallel rendering algorithms.

    Topics Covered
    Concepts and designs of parallel graphics pipelines and software architectures, texture systems, parallel graphics interfaces, parallel graphics libraries, frame buffers, load balancing, and parallel image compositing.

    Issues and challenges of incorporating parallelism into hardware and software rendering systems:

    • The development of parallel graphics technology and trends in high-performance graphics, notably PC graphics accelerators.
    • State-of-the-art graphics hardware architectures and the parallelism in the software that uses them.
    • Design of fully parallelized rendering systems, with emphasis on supporting parallel application codes and modern graphics libraries.
    • Software rendering on massively parallel supercomputers.

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    Mary Whitton


    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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