“Parallel controllable texture synthesis” by Lefebvre and Hoppe

  • ©Sylvain Lefebvre and Hugues Hoppe




    Parallel controllable texture synthesis



    We present a texture synthesis scheme based on neighborhood matching, with contributions in two areas: parallelism and control. Our scheme defines an infinite, deterministic, aperiodic texture, from which windows can be computed in real-time on a GPU. We attain high-quality synthesis using a new analysis structure called the Gaussian stack, together with a coordinate upsampling step and a subpass correction approach. Texture variation is achieved by multiresolution jittering of exemplar coordinates. Combined with the local support of parallel synthesis, the jitter enables intuitive user controls including multiscale randomness, spatial modulation over both exemplar and output, feature drag-and-drop, and periodicity constraints. We also introduce synthesis magnification, a fast method for amplifying coarse synthesis results to higher resolution.


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