“Painting with light” by Schoeneman, Dorsey, Smits, Arvo and Greenberg

  • ©Chris Schoeneman, Julie Dorsey, Brian E. Smits, James (Jim) Arvo, and Donald P. Greenberg




    Painting with light



    We present a new approach to lighting design for image synthesis. It
    is based on the inverse problem of determining light settings for an
    environment from a description of the desired solution. The method
    is useful for determining light intensities to achieve a desired effect
    in a computer simulation and can be used in conjunction with any
    rendering algorithm. Given a set of lights with fixed positions, we
    determine the light intensities and colors that most closely match
    the target image painted by the designer using a constrained least
    squares approach. We describe an interactive system that allows
    flexible input and display of the solution.


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