“NRT-based Texture Replacement in Real Videos”

  • ©Wen-Chieh Lin and Yanxi Liu

  • ©Wen-Chieh Lin and Yanxi Liu

  • ©Wen-Chieh Lin and Yanxi Liu




    NRT-based Texture Replacement in Real Videos



    As the acquisition of video data becomes easier and easier, it is desirable to have effective computational tools to edit video data. We develop a video editing algorithm that produces the effect of near-regular texture(NRT) replacement [Liu et al. 2004] on a moving curved surface or a surface transformed by lens of unknown parameters (e.g., moving water). Our technique provides novel ap- plications for video editing, e.g., virtual fitting room and fashion design preview.


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    This research is supported in part by an NSF grant IIS-0099597. We thank Aseem Agarwala for providing their code.

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