“NPR in production: animating the Sung dynasty painting “Children at Play”” by Guan, Maas, Chen and Chuang

  • ©Shuen-Huei Guan, Daniel (Dan) Maas, Bing-Yu Chen, and Yung-Yu Chuang




    NPR in production: animating the Sung dynasty painting "Children at Play"



    Research on Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) [Ma et al. 2002] has produced an array of techniques such as outline detection, simulation of brush strokes, cartoon shading, etc. However, the practical application of these techniques to reproduce a specific masterpiece is seldom discussed. During a recent project in cooperation with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, we were given the task of rendering animated characters in the style of a well-known Chinese Sung dynasty painting, “Children at Play.” This sketch describes a step-by-step method for achieving this effect using a variety of NPR techniques.


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