“Multi-resolution Geometric Transfer For Jurassic World”

  • ©Rachel Rose and Yuting Ye



Entry Number: 08


    Multi-resolution Geometric Transfer For Jurassic World



    For Jurassic World at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), artists brought to life a wide range of dinosaurs to populate the ill-fated amusement park. Key to the realism of these dinosaurs is the detail built into their geometric representations. During asset development and shot work, this realistic detail can slow down an artist’s workflow; so ILM developed a new transfer-based system for creating and maintaining multiple resolution versions of each creature that allows an artist to work at whatever resolution is best for the current situation.

    The ILM multi-resolution transfer tool automates the process of moving changes in the geometric shape or properties of the creature between corresponding vertices; changes to vertices without direct correspondence are interpolated using a poisson interpolation scheme. The tool is capable of maintaining overall body shape, skinning weights, blendshapes, simulation mappings, etc. from any resolution to any other without losing the added detail at the target resolution.


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