“Media-Rich Programming With OpenML” by Rost, Belley, Bernard and Clifford

  • ©Randi J. Rost, Benoit Belley, Frank Bernard, and William Clifford



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    Media-Rich Programming With OpenML

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    Programming experience in C or C++. Basic knowledge of computer graphics and video hardware. Also helpful: working knowledge of OpenGL and familiarity with video standards and terminology.

    Overview of the Khronos Group SIG and its activities. Architectural overview of the OpenML programming environment. Synchronization primitives and their use: UST, MSC, and SBC. Video back-end control using Wdc/Xdc. OpenGL extensions required for OpenML. Overview of the OpenML API. Application programming considerations.

    OpenML is a new industry effort to develop a standard cross-platform environment that supports creation and display of digital media, including audio, video, and graphics. A key OpenML goal is to define standard synchronization primitives that can ensure efficient, accurate, and synchronized delivery of independent digital media streams. This overview of the OpenML effort covers the participants, the charter, deliverables, and ongoing efforts.


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