“mediaBlocks: physical containers, transports, and controls for online media” by Ullmer, Ishii and Glas

  • ©Brygg Ullmer, Hiroshi Ishii, and Dylan Glas




    mediaBlocks: physical containers, transports, and controls for online media



    We present a tangible user interface based upon mediaBlocks: small, electronically tagged wooden blocks that serve as physical icons (“phicons”) for the containment, transport, and manipulation of online media. MediaBlocks interface with media input and output devices such as video cameras and projectors, allowing digital media to be rapidly “copied” from a media source and “pasted” into a media display. MediaBlocks are also compatible with traditional GUIs, providing seamless gateways between tangible and graphical interfaces. Finally, mediaBlocks act as physical “controls” in tangible interfaces for tasks such as sequencing collections of media elements.


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