“Mapping Chaos” by Trowbridge and Dowty

  • ©David Trowbridge and Micah Dowty



Entry Number: 105


    Mapping Chaos



    Iterated Function Systems are a celebrated class of dynamical systems in the computer graphics world. By defining a constrictive set of functions and recursing, beautiful fractal images can be created. Classically these systems use a set of affine transformations, such as in Sierpinski’s Gasket. More complex versions of these can be seen in the popular “flame” fractals and single-orbit chaotic maps. When any of these systems is computed the result is a density field which can then be rendered in any number of ways.
    The traditional imaging techniques used to visualize these types of systems are usually very simple, allowing only a few thousand points to be drawn. However, with high-dynamic-range image processing techniques these images can contain many millions of points, exposing far more internal structure.


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