“KineReels: extension actuators for dynamic 3D shape” by Takei, Iida and Naemura

  • ©Shohei Takei, Makoto Iida, and Takeshi Naemura

  • ©Shohei Takei, Makoto Iida, and Takeshi Naemura




    KineReels: extension actuators for dynamic 3D shape



    For the purposes of information presentation and entertainment use, several devices that can mechanically change their shapes have been proposed. “FEELEX [Iwata et al., 2001]” is a 3D shape display that consists of an array of linear actuators covered by a soft silicon surface. “Hyposurface [Goulthorpe]” is a wall-sized structure constructed out of interconnected metallic plates actuated by an array of pneumatic cylinder and generates patterns such as waves and texts. The actuators used in these conventional 3D shape displays are classified in three types: the pneumatic cylinder, the feed screw and the shape memory alloy. However, they present a problem in the fact that their range of movement is proportionally fixed to the size of the unit. For example, if we require a 1,000 mm stroke, the unit’s body requires the storage space of 1,000 mm or more.


    1. Iwata, H., Yano, H., Nakaizumi, F., and Kawamura, R. 2001. Project Feelex: Adding Haptic Surface to Graphics. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2001. 2001: ACM, 95–104.

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©Shohei Takei, Makoto Iida, and Takeshi Naemura

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