“Just-in-time, viable, 3D avatars from scans” by Feng, Suma and Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro

  • ©Andrew W. Feng, Evan A. Suma, and Ari Shapiro



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    Just-in-time, viable, 3D avatars from scans



    We demonstrate a system that can generate a photorealistic, interactive 3D character from a human subject that is capable of movement, emotion, speech and gesture in less than 20 minutes without the need for 3D artist intervention or specialized technical knowledge through a near automatic process. Our method uses mostly commodity- or of-the-shelf hardware. We demonstrate the just-in-time use of generating such 3D models for virtual and augmented reality, games, simulation and communication. We anticipate that the inexpensive generation of such photorealistic models will be useful in many venues where a just-in-time 3D construction of digital avatars that resemble particular human subjects is necessary. Figure 1 shows the overall workflow of our virtual character creation pipeline.


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