“Intro to Computer Aided Design” by Herzog, Chasen, Dunn, Hellman, McElhaney, et al. …

  • ©Bertram Herzog, S. H. Chasen, Robert (Bob) M. Dunn, Robert Hellman, Ronald McElhaney, Richard Riesenfeld, Herbert B. Voelcker, and David Weisberg



    Decision makers, managers, and potential users in such application fields as design, engineering, process piping, mapping, and plant layout. Experience in and/or responsibility for graphics or drafting is desirable; experience in computer graphics or computing is not a prerequisite.


    This seminar deals with computer-aided design/drafting. CAD, and computer-aided manufacturing, CAM, and emphasizes commercially available products. The seminar lectures and panel discussions will include: general principles so that vendors may present their system’s important characteristics efficiently; general structure and uses of CAD systems; interconnection of different CAD systems; engineering analysis; numerically-controlled machining; how to buy a CAD system; solid modelling surface definitions; and what the near-term future holds for users of CAD.

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