“Interactive lighting design for multi-device virtual environments” by Yau, Moore and Tomlinson

  • ©Man Lok Yau, Jason Moore, and Bill Tomlinson




    Interactive lighting design for multi-device virtual environments



     It is increasingly common for multiple computing devices to operate in close proximity. As these devices begin to work together more and more, it may be useful to see a collection of devices as a multi-device system rather than as a group of devices that function separately. One form of multi-device system is the multi-device virtual environment (MDVE), in which several devices work together to create the illusion of a graphical world that stretches seamlessly across their screens. MDVEs can potentially be useful for entertainment, education and industrial applications. There are a number of challenges involved in creating believable and engaging MDVEs and animated agents that exist on them, including areas such as graphics, sound, interaction paradigms and autonomous behavior. This poster presents a technique for improving multi-device virtual environment by enabling the different devices to share the same light source properties, thereby unifying the visual representations on each device.  


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