“Interactive Geometric Computations Using Graphics Hardware” by Manocha, Doggett, Greene, Kilgard, Lin, et al. …

  • ©Dinesh Manocha, Michael Doggett, Ned Greene, Mark J. Kilgard, and Shankar Krishnan



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    Interactive Geometric Computations Using Graphics Hardware

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    A first course in computer graphics and some background in graphics software APIs. Familiarity with some of the geometric problems: visibility, collision detection, motion planning, and simplification.

    Graphics rasterization hardware; OpenGL graphics hardware (features and programming); novel approaches to geometric problems; algorithms for visibility and occlusion culling, global visibility, shadow volumes and mapping, 2D map simplification, depth contours, collision detection, penetration depth estimation, and path planning; issues in programming graphics hardware; processing discretized outputs and applications to interactive computer graphics, robot-motion planning, physically based modeling, and data visualization.

    The increasing performance capabilities of 3D graphics rasterization have made it an excellent candidate for solving complicated geometric problems, beyond image synthesis. This course provides an overview of hardware features, issues in programming, and applications to various geometric problems, including visibility, collisions, simplification, motion planning, etc.


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