“Implicit Surfaces for Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics” by Menon, Wyvill, Bajaj, Bloomenthal, Guo, et al. …

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    Implicit Surfaces for Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics

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    Welcome to Implicit Surfaces for Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics.

    In this course we will survey implicit surfaces, discuss their usefulness, describe their advantages and disadvantages relative to other modeling techniques, and present the latest techniques for their design. Until recently, implicit surfaces have received little attention, partly due to the diculties in visualizing them interactively. From the moment one realizes that it is easier to draw a circle with (r cos ; r sin ) than it is with (x2 + y2 = r2), one is slowly led away from  the world of implicit surfaces.

    Welcome back!

    Implicit surfaces are different from parametric surfaces: the latter, in use in many commercial modeling systems, are familiar to most of the computer graphics community. Implicit surfaces aren’t necessarily less practical; they are simply different. They require different techniques for their creation, modification and visualization and have different properties and applications  from their parametric counterparts.

    The speakers in this course will discuss their current work in developing techniques to make implicit surfaces practical in modeling and animation. By de  nition, implicit surfaces embrace an extremely large set of surfaces. Undoubtedly, as they receive increased use in computer graphics, concepts will be developed that unify and distinguish various implicit forms. We hope the variety of approaches, applications and results presented in this course will stimulate interest in this exciting branch of modeling.

    Courses on Implicit Surfaces were previously offered at SIGGRAPH in 1990 and 1993, co-organized by Jules Bloomenthal and Brian Wyvill.  

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