“Image-Based Surface Details” by Yu, Dana, Marschner, Premoze, Rushmeier, et al. …

  • ©Yizhou Yu, Kristin Dana, Stephen Marschner, Simon Premoze, Holly E. Rushmeier, and Yoichi Sato



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    Image-Based Surface Details

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    Basic knowledge of rendering and illumination, including reflectance models, shading, texture and bump mapping, and shadow generation. Useful but not required: some knowledge of image processing and computer vision.

    Image-based measurement and recovery of BRDFs and texture for material samples, existing objects, human skin, and real architectural scenes; texture mapping real scenes using photographs; recovering normal maps using photometric information; object re-illumination without reflectance recovery; image-based classification of surface details; simulating vegetation and snow for real natural scenes; and recovering illumination for re-rendering.

    Image-based techniques for modeling, capturing, recovering, and classifying detailed surface appearance data that can be used for graphical rendering techniques to synthesize realistic images and animations. This course focused on techniques for various applications and geometry with increasing complexity from material samples, human skin, existing objects to complete real architectural and natural scenes, and their integration with rendering algorithms from local shading to global illumination.


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