“Image-Based Lighting” by Debevec, Fong, Inakage and Lemmon

  • ©Nickson Fong, Masa Inakage, and Dan Lemmon



Entry Number: 05


    Image-Based Lighting



    Basic knowledge of or experience with modeling and rendering in a traditional modeling or rendering package (for example, 3D Studio Max, LightWave 3D, Maya, or SoftImage). Familiarity with basic lighting and compositing. No advanced knowledge of ray tracing or global illumination is assumed. 

    Using high-dynamic-range imagery, acquiring light-probe images, using global illumination, performing image-based lighting in traditional rendering, and compositing real people into virtual environments with consistent lighting. Basic principles of light reflection and global illumination. 

    Using images of real light to illuminate computer-generated scenes provides new levels of realism and new avenues for creativity. This course teaches everything from the theory behind the methods to the practical techniques of using image-based lighting in commercial production: high-dynamic-range photography, lighting acquisition, image-based lighting and compositing, real-time techniques, and ongoing research in illuminating real people and objects with sampled light. 


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