“Image-Based Lighting” by Debevec and Lemmon

  • ©Dan Lemmon



Entry Number: 14


    Image-Based Lighting



    Basic knowledge of or experience with modeling and rendering in traditional modeling and rendering packages (for example 3D Studio Max, LightWave 3D, Maya, or Softimage). Familiarity with basic traditional CG lighting and compositing. No advanced ray-tracing or global illumination knowledge is assumed. 

    High-dynamic-range photography, lighting acquisition, image-based lighting and com-positing, real-time techniques, and ongoing research in illuminating real people and objects with sampled light. How the techniques are used in actual productions and with particular software packages. Basic principles of light reflection and global illumination. 

    A survey of recently developed techniques for realistically integrating computer-generated imagery with live-action photography that use measurements of real-world lighting to illuminate CG objects. The techniques are illustrated with detailed breakdowns of the animations “Rendering with Natural Light” and “Fiat Lux,” shots from recent feature films, and examples of how they are used in commercial packages such as LightWave 3D. The course concludes with an overview of techniques to extend image-based lighting to people and objects in the real world. 


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