“How Short Circuit Experiments” by Newfield and Staub

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    How Short Circuit Experiments



    Short Circuit is an experimental professional development program that began in 2016 where anyone at Walt Disney Animation Studios can pitch an idea and potentially be selected to create an original experimental short film with the support of the studio. This innovative program aims to develop and train studio talent by promoting the culture of storytelling throughout Disney Animation. By design, this program highlights new voices, encourages risk taking in both visual style and story, and supports technical innovation in the film- making process. The program has so far given 20 Disney Animation filmmakers the opportunity to create their own short, 14 of which have made their debut on Disney+. These experimental shorts have pushed the boundaries of storytelling and art, exploring stylized looks in a condensed production period. This talk will present the history and motivation behind Short Circuit, highlight how small teams worked efficiently to explore storytelling and unique art styles and discuss how lessons from the program have impacted filmmaking at Walt Disney Animation Studios.


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