“Handling Scene Constraints for Pose-Based Caching” by Lee, Eisenacher, Lin and Villegas

  • ©Gene S. Lee, Christian Eisenacher, Andy Lin, and Noel Villegas

  • ©Gene S. Lee, Christian Eisenacher, Andy Lin, and Noel Villegas



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    Handling Scene Constraints for Pose-Based Caching



    This paper presents a conservative, uniform method for handling scene constraints, such as look at and parent, in a pose-based caching system. The constraints are organized into a dependency graph where nodes represent the control caches of a rig, and directed arcs link the rigs to specific control caches. For any animation update, the dependency graph indicates which cache to clear and which other rigs to subsequently update. This method supports pre-evaluation, avoids expensive state tracking, and is easy to implement. The result is a seamless experience that works with all types of constraints while preserving real-time performance.


    Andy Lin, Gene S. Lee, Joe Longson, Jay Steele, Evan Goldberg, and Rastko Stefanovic. 2015. Achieving Real-time Playback with Production Rigs. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Talks (SIGGRAPH ’15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 11, 1 pages.



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