“GafFour and Sequence-based Lighting”

  • ©Xinling Chen and Lucas Miller

  • ©Xinling Chen and Lucas Miller

  • ©Xinling Chen and Lucas Miller

  • ©Xinling Chen and Lucas Miller

  • ©Xinling Chen and Lucas Miller



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    GafFour and Sequence-based Lighting



    Sequence-based lighting has become increasingly popular to further improve efficiency at Imageworks as we are producing thousands of full CG shots each year. However, Katana slows down dramatically as the lighting setup becomes more complicated to accommodate the growing number of nodes which may make up the different shots. We analyzed a large number of sequence-based lighting scene files that were identified as slow and found that these setups usually had tens of gaffer nodes, which each contained thousands of nodes for light creation and manipulation. To solve this problem we implemented a custom gaffer node for Katana, GafFour, which greatly reduced the total number of nodes per scene file.


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