“Frontiers Talk: Metric Telepresence” by Sheikh

  • ©Yaser Sheikh




    Frontiers Talk: Metric Telepresence



    Telepresence has the potential to bring billions of people into AR and VR. It is the next step in the evolution from telegraphy to telephony to videoconferencing. Just like telephony and video-conferencing, the key attribute of success will be “authenticity”: users’ trust that received signals (e.g., audio for the telephone and video/audio for VC) are truly those transmitted by their friends, colleagues, or family. The challenge arises from this seeming contradiction: how do we enable authentic interactions in artificial environments?

    In this talk, early steps taken at FRL Pittsburgh in achieving such metric telepresence: realtime social interactions in AR/VR with avatars that look like you, move like you, and sound like you are discussed. Our approach to this problem centers around codec avatars: the use of neural networks to address the computer vision (encoding) and computer graphics (decoding) problems in signal transmission and reception. The creation of codec avatars require capture systems of unprecedented 3D sensing resolution, are also described.

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