“Frontiers Talk: Making Clothing Trustworthy for Humans in the Metaverse” by Pai

  • ©Dinesh K. Pai




    Frontiers Talk: Making Clothing Trustworthy for Humans in the Metaverse



    Clothes are the most intimate objects in our physical environment and are set to be ubiquitous in the virtual world, with the expansion of the Metaverse. They comfort, support, protect and even modify our bodies. Clothes convey style and status. They evoke subtle and strong feelings. And yet, Computer Graphics has largely treated clothing as just another type of object like a building or a tree, a 3D mesh to be simulated and rendered beautifully at high frame rates. This has often led to disappointment due to the large gap between the physical and psychological reality of clothes, and their representations in the Metaverse. This talk will take you on a journey into aspects of clothing that the field of computer graphics hasn’t usually considered, including: the biomechanics of the human body and how it interacts with clothing; the neuroscience of feelings evoked by clothing; and real-world constraints on how clothing gets made before being worn by human consumers. On the journey we will explore opportunities for computer graphics such as: making online shopping experiences in the Metaverse trustworthy; using clothing for health and wellness; and revolutionizing manufacturing to make it sustainable, on demand, and inclusive for all body types.


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