“‘First Man’: Redefining In-Camera FX” by Eisenreich, Myles and Hunter

  • ©Michelle Eisenreich, Tristan Myles, and Ian Hunter




    ‘First Man’: Redefining In-Camera FX


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    As the lead VFX house DNEG’s work on First Man was centered around trying to achieve some of the most realistic and immersive in-camera VFX shots ever seen. The team used a blend of cutting-edge in-camera VFX techniques, special effects, scale models, and never-before-seen footage from NASA’s archive to tell the story of Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon and back. Join Michelle Eisenreich, DNEG VFX Producer, (and DNEG’s Academy award-winning DFX Supervisor Tristan Myles – note: depending on Tristan’s availability TBC) as she/they share(s) insights on how the First Man VFX crew were able to realise this by using one of the biggest LED screens ever built on a movie set.

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