“‘How to Train Your Dragon’: The Hidden What?” by Walvoord, Lee, Tayabji, deGuzman, Valle, et al. …

  • ©Dave Walvoord, Lawrence Lee, Munira Tayabji, Paolo deGuzman, Pablo Valle, and Chris De St. Jeor




    ‘How to Train Your Dragon’: The Hidden What?


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    DreamWorks Animation


    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World represents the final installment of the Dragon trilogy whose releases spanned 9 years during which technology changed dramatically. The filmmakers will discuss how the third film evolved to embrace new technology, particularly Physically Based Rendering and improved simulation capabilities, while remaining true to the design principles established in the first movie.
    It was critical to the storytelling that the Hidden World, home of the dragons, needed to be expansive and endless despite being underground. It needed to be rooted in the naturalistic style of the franchise, yet feel alien to our human world. We will discuss the creative design challenges and technical hurdles faced in bringing this world to life.
    Due to the introduction of new software and pipeline, built on USD, as well as schedule challenges, the production process resembled less of our traditional linear pipeline typical of feature animation production with much more back and forth between departments working at the same time. The panelists will explore how this “controlled chaos” that characterized production of The Hidden World impacted the final film.

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