“Fibre – Scaling Groom Dynamics at Framestore” by Rothwell and Öhrström

  • ©Alex Rothwell and Manne Öhrström

  • ©Alex Rothwell and Manne Öhrström



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    Fibre – Scaling Groom Dynamics at Framestore



    Framestore has been producing award winning creature effects for over 20 years, with hair, fur and feathers being crucial elements of these creatures’ visual fidelity. Simulating how these elements interact with other geometry, wind, cloth and media of varying viscosity across many hundreds of shots in a film is a time consuming and laborious process, typically requiring many refinement  iterations to achieve the desired result. In this talk, we present Fibre, a stable, robust and highly parallel dynamics solver designed to help maximize production efficiency. With Fibre integrated into its proprietary fur pipeline, Framestore has been able to reduce manual post-simulation fixing by 80% and reduced the simulation time for fur and feathers by up to 50% and 80%, respectively.


    Tassilo Kugelstadt and Elmar Schoemer. 2016. Position and Orientation Based Cosserat  Rods. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Com- puter Animation (Zurich, Switzerland). Eurographics Association.



    We would like to thank Mark Wilson, Carl Bianco, James Nicholl, Luc Girard and David Nielsen for invaluable production feedback and insights.


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